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    It was a great time for humanity in Planet Earth. Little did anyone know that in somewhere in space was a green planet made out of other planets that it absorbed into it’s liquid surface, all of it controlled by the power of it’s ruler: Lord Fuse. The next target for the planet devourer, Earth. Launching spores of it’s poisonous matter onto the Earth’s surface, little green spawns came out of them and fused themselves with ordinary objects to make themselves stronger. War has broken out and the Earth’s mightiest heroes are now asking for others to aid them in the fight against Planet Fusion and Lord Fuse. Being equipped with the latest high-tech weaponry and other items as such, this war could be won.

        Here’s the story of this exact war, this was the...

The FusionFall War.

Dawn of the Spawn Prologue
I wanted to do update the original.
    "To think I have the honor to resurrect an Angel..."
    "Shut up, Grim. You know what happens in a couple of's a shame to lose a valuable comrade such as you, Death."
    "It's in my nature, child. The big man has already allowed it to go this long. It be about time that I get to use me scythe for it's real purpose once again, no more will I--"
    "Just revive me already, you have others waiting"

    Kailee's blue eyes fluttered open to see her being surrounded by her team members and Dexter back in the wasteland that was Tech Square. She was still in her protective suit while the others were wearing their usual garments. Finding the strength she managed to stand on her own legs.

    "Finally you woke up." Jason said with relief. Kailee's fist fiercely connected with his face, sending him to the ground. 
    "You made us die!" Kailee yelled at him. She waved the hand she used to hit him in the air, surprised of how hard his head is.
    "Kai, don't you think--"
    "Enough!" Dexter yelled at all of them. Everyone's eyes looked directly at him. "We have the blueprints now, and I already have a new center of command. Stop all of this stupidity that you four always do. Dark Rogue, Observant Falcon and Water Dragon you are dismissed." Dexter readjusted his glasses. "Eternal Celestial Phoenix, you and I will have to say a few words alone." He said the last word with emphasis. Everyone was still frozen. "Now!" He shouted.

    Jason, Juan, and Nouche-paul reluctantly walked out of the scene leaving Kailee and Dexter alone as wished. Both of them looked on as their diminishing outlines were completely gone, they stared at each other then after. Every was silent, the mold green night sky was undisturbed and nothing but a gentle breeze was the only thing in motion.

    "I seriously doubt you wanted to be alone just to be in a staring contest, Dexter." Kailee said, finally breaking the ominous silence.
    "Now's not the time to be using that crap, Phoenix." He sternly replied, Kailee's eye only widened a small fraction. "There is an important matter that we need to discuss."

    Judging by the fierce wavelengths that his aura is giving and also the bright amber color that's displaying shows off the mixed feelings he has. As much as I don't want to hear this I already know what's going to...

"Why did you attempt to plant a bomb in Dexlabs." He asked her as if she was insane.
    "What?" She said without feigning cluelessness. "You mean you don't know about the deaths yet?" Kailee's eyes widened and covered her mouth with both hands though it was too late as her words were out in the air.
    "The what?" Dexter said. Kailee furiously shook her head. "What deaths?"
    "Nothing." She quickly replied.
    "Eternal Celestial Phoenix, I order you to--"
    "Grim has lost the power to resurrect people back to the living world!" She shouted. Dexter looked at her in disbelief. "Now anyone that dies in battle will die for real. I know that this sounds insane, but believe me when I say that Grim is still an ally." She pleaded.
    "What makes you think I will--"

    A loud evil laugh was echoing the entire area. The sound of a scythe swiping was soon followed by the anguished screams of hundreds of people.

    "The laughter of Death." Kailee whispered. Her sparkling blue eyes were opened wide. "In the eve of the revolution, many will be relieved of their duties by Death." She began to hyperventilate, "No...not again. I dealt with this before but I--" Her words were cut off as she witness the glowing orbs that were ouls just floating in the air or going to a portal of light. Her vision grew dark once again and collapsed onto the ground. She heard a muffled yell of someone running to her side.

    You must keep your powers hidden, no one can know.
    Death is around you know but no longer as a comrade.
    We know it's hard, but now is not the time to start breaking down. Make your decision.
    Shall you sacrifice your humanity or will you find another way? Decide.

Kailee's eye snapped open once again to find herself laying down on a cot and back in the clothes she had before wearing her suit. She turned her head to find her Heaven and Hell swords still in disguise and also right beside her. Her head was fine and she felt fine. Though now in her field of vision she now sees the souls of her fallen comrades floating in the Earth until they can complete their journey of the afterlife. A tear started to form out of the edge of her right eye.

    "You alright?" Someone asked. Kailee looked at the opposite direction to find Jason. His face had no emotion and his question had the tone that he didn't even care if she was or not.
    "Yeah." She replied. she got off the cot and stretched a little. "What happened? How long was I out?"
    "You fainted about five minutes after we were all revived for the last time after I 'killed' us. In that time it was midnight and now its height in the morning." he said. "Luckily for you, I erased the memory from Dexter's mind and replaced the forgotten memory with something that was a plausible scenario."
    "And the guys?"
    "I knocked them out before they even ran to your aid. After a short amount of time, Dexter headed out to his old laboratory to start making the upgrades we need. And if you're wondering about how many we lost in these hours--"
    "The number's in the thousands." Kailee said as she covered her eyes with one hand. "People are now going to be afraid to even sign up for the army now, some even took their own lives as a mean to escape this war...even our very own."
    "You almost screwed it up big this time, Kai." Jason said harshly, Kailee rose her head from her hand. "You're usually so calm and collect. To see you just pass out because you've seen dead people makes me feel like--"
    "I will never get used to seeing dead people, Jason. Understand that." Kailee said as she placed her swords on the holters in her back. "That was just my unstable emotions back there. It wasn't really me."
    "I beg to differ." He said in a apathetic face.
    "It was just my instability, also because I feed off the power that humans give out in their emotions. Dead or alive."
    "By the way, about--"
    "I know. They're not who they say are. Juan's a strategist and also a great marksman, he got these skills from Tia for self-defense after they both ran away from their abusive household years ago. Nouche-paul actually changed his name to 'Michael' after leaving the country because his parents told him to, they abandoned him only a month after arriving Thailand. He's a hand-to-hand combat master along with many high marks in several martial arts. Both of them have skills, but not like mine." She said coldly. "Can we go now?"
    "Fine." In a dialpad in the metal wall, he dialed in a code and a second later both of them were transported into a large laboratory. "We moved to Dexter's old laboratory as planned." Jason said as he lead Kailee through the old lab until they saw a large computer monitor with a dozen images and a single guy typing away on the large keyboard below. "You can get the rest of the information from Dexter."
    "Thanks." She said as she walked away from him.

    As if on cue, Dexter turned around. His old tattered labcoat was gone and he only wore a black tanktop and an old pair of jeans, his purple gloves were covered in black liquid along with some parts of his arms. His facial expression was serious, genuinely serious.

    "Phoenix." His voice sounded surprised and also relieved. "You weren't suppose to wake up until a couple more hours, seems I made a miscalculation..."
    "Well I'm alive and well." Kailee said as she stretched her arm. "So what now?"
    "Now..." He pressed a button from the keyboard behind him and a large capsule erupted from the ground. "We upgrade."


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as it states, I may have to put start moving some stuff around my profile. Some stuff may have to be in the storage, but its not like I'll be leaving, no.
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