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    Hello to anyone that wants to read I now that i've been gone for a long time but dont worry! I'll try to catch up to whatever I missed!
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    In the middle of a field in which the grass is yellow and dry and dirt is like sand, two mere teenagers, a girl and a boy faced each other. The fierce wind brutally pummeled both of them yet they remained standing. Both of their clothes were ripped and tattered and covered in blood, they stared at each other with such anger and hatred. A sabre was held tightly by the young woman's hand as the young man held a pistol.

    "I've been waiting. It's been a long time since we last met." The girls said. Her boots took a step forward.
    "Surrender now and I'll make your death quick and painful." Said the young man. He also took a step forward.
    "I'll never surrender myself to you! My family was murdered and it was by someone in your land. Instead of believing me, you stood by the murderer you call a friend."
    "And how do you respond? By just creating chaos in my land, running amok, then for the last part you almost killed him. So immature."
    "Immature am I!" The girl charged at him then stopped when she was only a few steps away from him. Her brown eyes appeared to have a fire burning inside them. "To think that I loved you! Instead of you trusting your 'one true love', you just take the advice of a fool."
    He grabbed her by the shoulders and yelled at her. "That fool is my brother!" He aimed the pistol at side of her head. "Surrender, and I might let you live."

    Though he looked like he would truly kill the only girl that he will or ever love, the girl can look straight through his serious exterior to see and hear the slight desperateness that sounded off from the last sentence he said. She knows how much he loved her, he cant bring himself to kill her.
    "Lower the pistol and surrender to me." The girl said. She raised sabres blade and placed it gently on the side of neck. "Refuse, and you'll suffer the same fate I was planning to your brother."

    The boy looked deeper into her eyes. Hoe they seem to carry that fiery passion whenever she does anything in her life. He knew her all too well, she never makes threats, she only believes in action. She doesn't say she'll do something, she acts upon it.

    "Last chance..." They both said simultaneously.

    Both of them were so focused on each pther that niether one of the noticed another person arriving at the scene. It was a male. he instantly pulled out a gune and aimed at them both. In no less than a second later did the bullet leaves it barrels and made it's signature sound.
    Both bodies fell instantly to the ground. They laid on their sides and still faced eachother and their arms were entangled with one another. The shooter ran from the scene and left them to die and rot there.

    "Even in death they stayed together." said someone above them. It was a female. A winged female.
    "Yet it was hatred and distrust that caused their deaths in the first place." A male said behind her. He as well was winged, but they were dark as a night sky.
    "That's one of the few things that I hate about being an Angel..."
    "Such as...?"
    "Having to devote my eternal life observing the emotions with a disgusting species, humans. Savages."
    "And that you have to work with me. Forever."
    "Heaven, give me strength."
    "Don't you even dare try to come near me!"

    "The Renaissance years. With more drama than ever."
    "Nice work with the emotional turmoil. Though, wasn't she only to feel only depression?"
    "I dont need a shadow angel to tell me how to do do my job. You feed off the negative emotions of humans and also influence them with said negativity."
    "No matter, we still have many other souls to tamper."
    "Curse you, Spanish flu. Take me instead!"

    "They'll never know that it was actually poison that made them die. Throughout the rest of their short will be filled with depression, wanting Death to finish them off already. Hopefully joining them on them on the other side."
    "Year after year the hatred I sense in you diminishes. Explain that to me--"
    "Remember you're not allowed to say my name,"
    "Fine, I just don't see why we have to be humans. Remember what happened in Salem?"
    "I told you your eyes were still red."
    "You eyes were to bright!"

"Who's there?"

    "Act natural!"
    "Days after that tragic day, families grieve for their lost loved ones..."

    "You fueled so much hatred into those people, tampering their souls enough to case a massive genocide!"
    "Forcing to be human only makes my unstability worse. That's why we have a Guardian Angel overlooking us now."
    "Such chaos made by this. Be still my--"
    "For the centuries ahead, nothing will grow between us...Shadow Angel."
    "Let us see...Aura Angel."
    "Kai, Jason, where have you been? You're almost late."
    "Sorry, T. Jason and I had to talk with the Headmistress."
    "Besides, how can we be late if we have all the time in the world."
    "He's right, our tasks last until the end of time. Eternity."
200 Hundred Challenge-Eternity
Sorry this took so long.

Still doing the 200 challenge 


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    Hello to anyone that wants to read I now that i've been gone for a long time but dont worry! I'll try to catch up to whatever I missed!
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Listening to: Cafe music

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