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    "None at all, your Highness. It's just part of my duties." Myla said small smile on her face. She held her cloak in her hands and her hair was tied back by a purple silk cloth and her glasses were on top of her head. "I shall wait until you summon me back." She closed the doors in front of her and walked down the hallway, after turning the corner she slumped against the wall with a groan.

    The things I have to do in this job! Myla thought. I thought I only had to serve one queen, at least this one is...nice I'm to presume? Though there was something about the way she talked to me...

"Strange, strange indeed." She said aloud. She grabbed the purple silk that tied her hair down and slowly untied it.
    "Why in hell do you look like that?" Myla was startled from the voice. She looked up to see that it was Prince Nitas-Sulif, looking at her with a cold glare. 
    "I just ended that demon was pestering this castle for a long time, or so that's what M'lady said. After that, she started asking me questions as if I was in an interview. Strange..." Myla said as she tied the purple silk around her waist.
    "Anything else?" Nitas-Sulif's eyebrow lifted an inch.
    "In some time after, she said kept on saying that I wasn't like most women. Also saying something about having potential.."
    "Oh no, she's doing this again." He muttered to himself.
    "Doing what, sire?" Myla asked as she rose from the ground. A little too close to the Prince.
    "What makes you give a damn." He said harshly. He turned to the other direction.
    "Such improper use of language coming from the son of Satan." Myla placed her glasses into an inside pocket in her jacket. Her cloak was still held at her arms. "No matter, I'll be off--"
    "Just where do you think you're going?" The Prince said as he quickly turned around, with Myla's back facing him. "I thought you were--"
    "It turns out the I have to take the document to and from here. Since your mother was busy, I let her keep it and she'll notify me when it's completed, then I quickly departure back to Musreva." She turned slightly only that one side of her face was seen. "In the mean time," her eyes let out a subtle glow, "I plan to explore." She placed her cloak over her head.
    "Over my dead--" The Prince started to run towards her but the cloak fell and Myla was gone. He picked up the surprisingly light materials cloth in his gloved hand. "Just like at the ball...leaving by using cheap tricks." He balled his fist into the cloak in one hand and opened a dark portal in front of him with the other. "I can't have a philistine creature such as her running amuk in my land." He went in the portal and it disappeared.

    In the end of the hallway, a familiar pair of green eyes continued to stare at the last place where the Prince last stood. Her long, dark gold hair brushed past her shoulder and full-length purple skirt stayed still as if time stood still. Her hand released the wall she hung on to and turned away. Myla quietly went through the large halls of the castle in her peasant clothes, exploring the inside of it and taking a few things until she found herself on the roof of the tallest pillar in the castle.
    Myla looked unimpressed with the view in front of her. She saw the entire Sovereignty from the building down to the people that lived down below. The mists that continued to swerve around the royal land that were actually demon spirits continued to do their dance of eternal despair. The vast sea of lava that surrounded the high rock that holds the Sovereignty bubbled and showed a mystical mixture of dark and light red, orange, and yellow.

    I have to stop acting like this. Myla thought. Many things are under my control, everything but my damn life. Thanks to that bastard that not only cursed me to hate everything but also if he dies I die, only a coward would plan something like that. Myla jumped off the pillar and landed in a nearby balcony. I've explored every part of Hell from the castle to the village. I have something to help me in my quest for conquest, especially that black magic book I picked up.

"Someone appears to be content with her visit." A familiar deep voice said behind her.
    Acting on instinct, Myla grabbed her bow and pulled out a arrow and aimed. Her narrowed green eye to find that it was Prince Nitas-Sulif standing before her. "Your Majesty..." She said with her usual straight face and lowered her weapons. Her eyes caught him holding her cloak in his hands.
    The Prince caught her gaze at the the cloth at his hand, then looked back at her. "I believe this is yours..." he rudely tossed it to her.
    Myla caught it.
    "Who the hell do you think you are? You come into my castle, disrespect me, threaten me, then disappeared as if this were a game." He said sternly.
    "I mean no disrespect m'lord," Myla put's on the cloak and no sooner did the material completely covered her "but if this was a game..." She threw back the cloak and revealed herself back in her uniform. "I would win." Her green slit eyes set of a dim glow then went back to normal.
    "It seems that your mother has finally finished signing the document, it seems as if it took her a fortnight." Myla said as she walked past Prince Nitas-Sulif. Her eyes closed behind her glasses and slowly approached the door of the room, as her hand softly landed on the handle, a silver blade of a sword rested just as soft on her neck. She knew without even turning around that it was the sword hidden in the Prince's cane.
    "What makes you think I believe you." The Prince said.
    "Does that really matter?"
    "You realize that--"
    "From what I researched earlier, you are not the sovereign of Hell." Myla held the blade with a side of her finger, turned around and stared at him dead in the eye. "You're just the Prince. I don't have to listen to you. You have no power, you don't even own this castle!" Her finger pushed away the sword.
    "Enough!" The Prince pointed his sword to her, "I have had enough of you!" He pinned her to the ground and aimed the sword point to her neck. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you and declare war on your queen."
    "You're...not...the...king." She said calmly.
Not a second later the sword's blade was brought down.
    In sterile white room, only two winged people stood in the center facing each other. Bright shining white eyes faced dim dark red eyes, male and female, angelic light blue wings and dark evil black wings.

    "Shadow Angel." The angelic-winged female said. Her white eyes seemed to glow even brighter.
    "Celestial Angel." The dark winged male said. His face was filled with detest.

    Before they can say anything else, two tall beings emerged from the floor and hovered above the floor in their matching dark blue wings. Both of them were female and had similar features of the other.
    The Celestial and Shadow Angel looked at them with impatience. Both of them bowed with one arm behind their backs and the other arm outstretched to one side.


    "Watch where you're placing that flabby thing!" The Shadow Angel yelled as he rubbed his red cheek.
    "Are you going to do something about it?" The Celestial Angel's entire eye glowed brighter than the room.
    "Damn right I will!" He said. A dark red fire combusted in his hand and raised it above his head. The Celestial Angel hand released a golden yellow energy and shaped it into a sword.

    Before anyone of them could attack, two beams of energy latched on to both of their hands, turning itself into handcuffs. Both Angels struggled to break free. 

    "Both of you should know that it's rude to ignore the presence of adults." Said one of the female Angels. Her purple irises headed straight toward to the slightly overweight Celestial Angel who had an annoyed look on her face she was even gritting her own teeth. "Especially to your own mother, Kailee."
    "The hell am I even doing here." She growled. Swinging her shackled hands around. Her wings kept swishing around in her rapid movements. "Especially with him!" She huffed.
    "Enough!" The Angel beside Kailee's mother shouted. "Kailee: Celestial Angel in suspension, Aura Angel by nature, and currently residing in Earth along with her mother and Guardian Angel Tia." Her dark blue irises went to the pale skinned Shadow Angel. "Jason: Shadow Angel, family only living in Earth to plant the seeds for demons and corrupt souls to take over humans, not a threat for the Celestial Council..." She narrowed her eyes at him. "Yet."
    "I'm nothing like those bastards." Jason said sternly looking at her straight in the eyes.
    "You two have been summoned here for a special reason." Kailee's mother said.
    "As opposed to any other reason?" Kailee said sarcastically while raising her eyebrow.
    "Anyway" The Angel beside her mother said. "In this time, both of you are at the age of eleven, correct?"
    "Yes." Jason and Kailee said in unison.
    "In a few years, a major war will happen and it will endanger the human race." Jason and Kailee's eyes widened in shock of the news. "Both of you have to fight in this war to save the Earth from a devastation."
    "You may not think that you can't do this, but you guys are going to be their last chance." Kailee's mother concluded.
    "Yeah, just what humanity need: a fat angel to their rescue." Jason nudged his head toward to her. "If her wings can even carry her."
    "At least I don't look a vampire that just hit puberty." She muttered. Her white eyes lit up. "Wait a minute, why do we have to do this? You and her are the Elder Angels here, can't you use your powers or something?"
    "We cannot use our powers for every problem that happens." Her mother explained.
    "That and we can't expose our kind to humans." The other Angel said. "Some people might get suspicious, later it's investigations, then if numbers would increase..."
    "It's going to be like the Great Persecution." Jason ended.
    "Okay, fine I get it." Kailee's hand slipped out of their restraints, everyone was shocked. "However, as you said in the beginning, I'm a suspended Angel and you me to team up with him...a Shadow Angel?" She looked at them as if she found a way to get out of the deal. "This is a ludicrous deal you're proposing, Mother and Aunt." She said with a devilish smile.
    "Damn, I thought I was the devious one." Jason said while also freeing his hands from their restraints. "I do agree with her."
    "What's in it for us?" Both of them said in unison.
    "You two live forever, have powers, can fly, and keep your youth forever..." Kailee's mother said to them. "What can you possibly want?"

    The white room suddenly went black. Nothing was heard except for Kailee's short breaths as her fear of dark was at play. All of them slowly glowed in the dark, all of their wings slowly flapping in the air.

    "I order you the both of you to take this mission and when it ends, you will get the reward. The rules: you cannot tell about the plan to anyone, you will keep a constant eye on each other until the end, both of you will change in time. No matter what, you will carry out this mission. Understood?"
    Kailee and Jason Looked at each other with judgemental looks on their faces then faced Kailee's aunt. "Yes, Celestial Headmistress." They forced out of their mouths.
    "The statement is clear. No exceptions. And you two will have to be close enough to know each others movements and thoughts with just a single glance."
    "I'M NOT DOING THAT!" Both of them yelled. Kailee's mother appeared before them with a fake smile.
    "Too late."

Three years later...

    "Let go of me!" A pale-skinned male with flawless features said as a pack of Pack Arachnids and Jerk-O-Lanterns trapped him and ganged up on him. His weapon was on the ground, out of his reach.

    Just when he thought all was lost, a slender female silhouette jumped above their heads. Taking out a Level One Lighting Sword, it wasn't long before the monsters fell to the bright red blade. Jason was set free in seconds, he faced his saviour...
    She wore a black hoodie with bright green lines in the arms and the hood was drawn. She placed her sword through a strap in her back.

    "It's been a awhile...Rosebud." Jason said with a smirk. The female pulled down her hood, goggles were on her face, but her crystal blue eyes could still be seen.
    "I can't carry out the mission without you now can I...Marshall?" she returned the smirk.
    "Right, the mission. Can you believe that--"
    "We're humanity's last hope? Sadly, yes."
    "Well, then..." Jason dipped Kailee and gave her a quick kiss. As he pulled away, a tiny stream of saliva connected the two. Kailee's face turned into a bright red. "I'll see you when I see you." he said as he left.
    "Dont worry, we'll always find each other." Kailee said to herself, she wiped the saliva off her lip and her eyes set off a cold stare. "But I won't let anything break my focus on the real reason we're here."
200 Hundred Challenge-Unbreakable
This was several years before the war began. Back in the time when Kailee was a little chubby and Jason's face looked like the surface of the moon. Of course they both now look awesome.

    Jason had a lot of nicknames for Kailee (some of which were not so nice). One of his favorite names was Rosebud because of the way she blushes and because of a necklace he gave her a year after the mission was assigned to them.
    "What do you mean by 'upgrade'?" Kailee said as she walked up to the open capsule.
    "I've made all the improvements that we need from weapons to the gear you wear. Especially since now we can actually die in battle." Dexter explained. He walked next to the capsule. "Just step in and you'll have your new combat gear."
    "Has it been tested?" Kailee asked, knowing some of the past experiences of his inventions.
    "You're psychic, should know the answer."
    "Wait--" Dexter pushed Kailee into the capsule and slammed the door shut.
    A low hum was coming out of the capsule as it activating.  A bright flash came out of it followed by a low tremor on the ground and soon left. A second later, the capsule door opened and a lot of steam came out of it followed by Kailee's silhouette. As the steam cleared, she could see that her gear has changed.

    "Now it's been tested." Dexter said as he walked closer to Kailee.
    "I like the look. You even manage to get my hair styled like how I would do it." Kailee said as she felt the tall ponytail at the back of her head and the tuff of hair the covered her right eye. Her swords still were at their sheath in her back.
    "Now that we got gear..." Dexter motioned her to follow him "We now move to weapons." He stopped in front of a large metal box sitting upright.
    "Uh, Dex? I already got weapons." Kailee pointed at her swords.
    "Yes, but you can't rely on just swords alone no matter how good you are. Besides, we have to fill those new side pouches with something." He said as he opened the door. He pulled two things out." Which is why you'll need these." It was a pair of guns, he placed them on her hands. "They're--"
    "Mechamorphosis Lethal Blitz Calibers!" Kailee said with enthusiasm. "The long barrels in these things generate plasma energy, they can change it's state and it's the gun for a marksman." She said as she inspected both guns. "This will surely do a number on those suckers--no doubt." She smirked. She twirled them in her fingers and placed them on holters in her lower back.
    "I might regret giving those to you but, you do have the skills to handle those things. Next up is just the aerial weapons: smoke bombs, time bombs, grenades, and other things that best suits you."
    "So you mean that some of these aerial weapon are custom-made to their user? How?"
    "The information comes in the instant you step into that pod."
    "Interesting--well now that settled..." Kailee walked towards to the gigantic computer monitor. "What's the latest?" She looked at him with a side glance. Dexter followed her and started to type in a few images while looking up at the monitor.
    "As you said before you collapsed, various numbers of soldiers have lost their lives in the past hour and the rate continues to grow by the minute. Our number now are in the thousands almost nearing the hundreds, news of this has already reached the camps and now chaos runs loose in them--some of the heroes went to the camps to try calm them down, but to no success." A re-run of a riot plays at one corner of the monitor, Dexter points to an image of Planet Fusion. "It appears that planet Fusion has gotten closer to Earth by an extraordinary rate. More pods has fallen and they're rotting everything to waste, the monsters are now getting even stronger due to the massive concentration of Fusion Matter. The remaining soldiers we have now are fighting either with us, eachother, themselves, or Fuse."
    "Seriously?" Kailee asked with her eyes widened hearing those startling news. "I've been out for eight hours and this is what happened? People are going insane, humanity's population is already dropping, and-and" she groaned in annoyance.
    "I agree that this really isn't a great moment for humanity, but now we have an advantage: You. With your abilities we can predict the next move--"
    "Hey whoa there, Commander." Kailee held out both her hands. "I'm not a crystal ball that can show you whatever you want in the future. My abilities--"
    "Take a price on you, I know. I'm sorry."
    "However..." She placed her right index and middle finger on the side of the her head. "There are some out there willing to fight out here. They just have to know that their time is now." A sudden pain surged through her skull, she hunched over and shut her eye closed.
    "I'm fine." She reassured him. "It's just my power limit." She slowly went back to how she was before. "Okay, I'm caught up on all I need to know, I got the new gear, I'm ready to get out there." She said confidently.
    "Not just yet."
    "What now?" She rolled her eyes. Dexter tossed her a large bag.
    "Jason told me to give them to you after you were caught up. Also, catch..." He tossed her a new communicator with the lense now orange. "I changed the design a bit."
    "So I see." She placed it on her left eye. "Fine I'll wait." She was teleported back to the room she woke up in and stayed in for the past eight hours. She looked at the bag with interesting in her eye. Hesitantly she reached for the bag with questions ringing in her mind.

    What the hell is going on here? Dexter know I'm psychic but not the Angel part. I see the many lives lost in the past few hours floating around in the Earth right now. There are a lot of lies that I've told so far, just how many more can I say until I trip up? Many things are going to change now, but most importantly...

"What's in the bag?" Kailee said to herself as she finally opened it and pulled something out. It was a note. "Kai, now that the war has gotten worse we have to end it now. I won't like seeing our comrades dying in battle, but we have no choice other than to just keep fighting. In the bag are some things I thought that could help you. Now that this is serious, so should we. Signed, Jason." Kailee placed the paper to the side and rustled through the bag again. In no time she found her book that kept with her since she first arrived and years before that. She found a pair of brass knuckles, she let a small chuckle. "The Angels' Halos." she said as she put them on. More things in the bag came from her past from homemade weapons to bottle and vials containing glowing liquids. "The last things..." She pulled out a shining black cylinder with a gold circle around it and a small plate of purple chrome metal.
    There was a paper tied to the cylinder. Untying it, Kailee read it. "Remember what you use to say...?" Kailee uncapped the cylinder and smirked.

    Some time later, Kailee was teleported back to the laboratory. All of the lights were out yet it wasn't completely pitch black, her oxblood colored lips were pressed into a straight line. Her brass knuckle bearing hands were behind her back. Before the dark silence brought her into madness, three silhouettes came into her vision. Then Dexter's voiced sounded off.

    "Kailee, in order for this war to end we will need to have the most proficient. You have the highest skill set than anyone, however...are you willing to lay down your life to make that into a reality?"
    "I have no intention of dying." Kailee declared.
    "Very well then..." the lights were back on, Kailee closed her eye to the sudden brightness.
    "What the...?" She slowly opened her eyes, in the end they opened slightly more larger than usual. "No way." She was surprised to what she saw."


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